Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Atika School Celebrates ENO Tree Planting Day

On the 22th of September 2008 we all gathered as a whole family to make our planet greener place. 21 students and 5 of Atika School English staff along with the headmistress and her assistant participated with the other 1500 schools from 120 countries to make our earth a better place. We all worked together to celebrate the planting day.
The celebration started two days ahead with giving different information about the importance of trees as source of life. Also, the classes were informed to bring plants with them to plant in the school garden.
The day of planting started as the students performed a play about our planet and later the headmistress talked about the importance of trees. One of the students gave a short speech regarding planting day. Then at the 12 pm, the students with the staff gathered to plant 25 mangoes trees. Hands together, , we used shovels to dig the moist soil and together we planted each tree. After planting the trees we watered them so these plants can grow up to be fruitful trees. It was so amazing to see how we all cooperated; teachers and students. We were all happy to be part of a great event as that. At the end we took a photo for all of us to remember this day for ever. We hope next year we will be part of it and we enrich our planet with more trees.
Atika School

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