Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Visit to Gulf Eco Exhibition

On 13th March, 2008 we visited Gulf Eco Exhibition in Muscat International Exhibition Center. Some environmental institutions participated in that exhibition and it was an interesting trip.

Here are some pictures of our visit:

Pics about the Cleaning Campaign in the Valley of Halfeen.

Some pics of the Cleaning Campaign in the Valley of Halfeen.

The team

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Cleaning Campaign in the Valley of Halfeen.

A report about:

Cleaning Campaign in the Valley of Halfeen.

Written by:
Abdalmajeed Al-Hashmi (Grade 9)
Ahmed Al-Hashmi (Grade 9)
Salim Al-Mahrooqi (Grade 10)

Adam School for Basic Education, Adam. Oman.

"In the valley of Halfeen,
Flowers Flowers everywhere,
Daffodils, iris and jasmine,
Spell the good smell in the air,

In the valley of Halfeen,
Water Water flows and runs,
One sun in the sky, but there,
You can see a thousand suns.

In the valley of Halfeen,
Night Night is so clear,
You can see the glittering stars
And the moon is very clear. "

By: teacher Mahmood Al-Waili
Osama Bin Zaid School

Cleaning Campaign in the Valley of Halfeen

The valley of Halfeen is located in the east of Adam town, Oman. It is a beautiful place with many green trees. In addition, it is a good place for tourists. In the rain season, it is the best place for families to spend a lovely time swimming in the pools or having barbecue. As it is visited by many people, it should be kept always clean and tidy
Halfeen valley gets water from rains, so it is a good environment for many creatures like small fish, animals such as camels, goats, donkeys and birds. The valley is a good environment for desert trees too such as Simr, Sidr and Ghaf.Halfeen valley has lots of environmental problems and the most important problem is pollution because many people visit the valley and throw plastic bags and other waste items in it without caring about other creatures. Sometimes they use soap and other chemical materials in having baths or washing dishes. The Second problem is the bad habits of people like cutting trees and hunting which make some animals extinct.

On the 24th January, 2004 we had a cleaning campaign to clean this valley. Our team consisted of our teacher Salim Al-Busaidi, an active person in the field of environment, Hamed Al-Mahrooqi and ten students from Adam School for Basic Education. We arranged to clean it and keep it as a tidy place
We first informed the municipality in our town, and they provided us with the required equipment such as bags and gloves.
We gathered in the early morning, and drove for about 15 km. We divided ourselves into two groups. Each group had to walk for about 5 km along the valley to collect plastic bags and other rubbish. We were amazed when we saw the pools full of bottles and plastic bags.
We collected all waste and put them in special bags, and we collected about 45 bags and put them near the road in order to be carried by the municipality to the waste yard. While we were working we met some people who came to visit the valley. We talked to them about the importance of protecting the environment, and we gave them some bags to collect their waste after finishing their picnics. Some children joined us and helped to collect the waste items from nearby places. Some families invited us to join them to taste the delicious barbecue they were preparing. At 12.30, we had a delicious lunch under a big (Ghaf) tree, and we spent a lovely hour talking about different topics. At the end we drove back to our town.

Two days later a report about our campaign was published in a local newspaper, so we became very happy and inspired to see that what we had done is appreciated by society.