Saturday, January 31, 2009

No To Plastic Bags For Oman

(No To Plastic Bags For Oman)
(لا لأكياس البلاستيك من أجل عمان)

شاركت مجموعة مساندي البيئة في الحملة التي تنضمها جمعية البيئة العمانية
للحد من استخدام أكياس البلاستيك، وشارك أعضاء المجموعة مع أعضاء الجمعية يوم الجمعة 30 يناير 2009 في ولاية نزوى. كما قام

أعضاء المجموعة بتوزيع الأكياس الصديقة للبيئة للمستهلكين في مؤسسة روابي الجامع بولاية أدم، وقام مجموعة من الطلاب بشرح أهمية استخدام الأكياس الصديقة للبيئة وتجنب استخدام الأكياس البلاستيكية.

ECO GROUP has participated in (No To Plastic Bags For Oman) campaign organized by the Environment Society of Oman. On Friday January 30, 2009 the group's member participated in the campaign activities in Nizwa. On the next day they distributed some of the friendly bags to the customers in Rawabi Al-Jame Super Market, and some students educated the people about the importance of using the friendly bags.

ECO GROUP In Muscat Festival

ECO GROUP Presents The Environments Friends Play in Muscat Festival

ECO GROUP Corner In Muscat Festival

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Participation in Muscat Festival

ECO GROUP is participating in Muscat Festival with the longest environmental letter in the world, small display and drawing competition for children.
Here are some pics:

Biology Group (BG), SQU

The GROUP's Corner

Participation in Muscat Festival

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oman Environment Day, more photos

Gift from ECO GROUP to the Chairman of Muscat Municipality

NOTE: More photos are available on our network:

ECO GROUP Participated in Celebrating the Oman Environment Day

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs celebrated the Oman Environment Day on January 8th, 2009 which was held in Al-Sahwa Park and was attended by the Chairman of Muscat Municipality, many guests, environmentalists, teachers and students. Different activities were done in this celebration such as an environmental exhibition, planting trees, using friendly bags campaign and signing ECO GROUP longest environmental petition in the world. Many institutions participated in this event: The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Muscat Municipality, The Environment Society of Oman (ESO), The Art of Living society and of course ECO GROUP. ECO GROUP as usual was in the middle of the event with the great participation of the hardworking members who presented the group's activities to other people in the exhibition, helped to plant trees and invited people to sign the longest environmental petition in the world which has been created by the ECO GROUP. A nice gift from ECO GROUP was give to the Chairman of Muscat Municipality.

Oman Environment Day, Um Salama School

Monday, 8th January is our environmental day (Oman Environment Day) .As you know these days we have no school.Our students are on holidays .However, I liked to participate .I worked with some kids in my village and I raised their awareness about the environment day in Oman and we should all have part on this day.They were very happy to help.I told them about Eco-group and the members here will see how they participated .They asked me how they can participate. I told them they can help by cleaning the area around their houses.Thus they did it and I took some photos for them.I know it might not be what you expect but at least they know about this day.I wish you will enjoy watching these photos.

Moza Al-Moqbali
Um Salama School