Sunday, August 24, 2008

FOREST Exhibition

The group`s participation in the FOREST exhibition (Al-Dakillia Region) 2008.

The group`s corner

Saud explaining

Saif explaining the group`s activities to the DG of Al-Dakillia Region Directorate Mr. Yosef Al-Hosni.

Presentations pics

Here are some pics of the environmental presentations by ECO-Group`s members at Osama Bin Zaid School, 2008:

(Using Less Plastic)
Al-Warith Al-Waili got the 3rd place in the presentations competition in Al-Dakillia Region
Ahmed Al-Mahrooqi

Mohammed Al-Asmi

Mohammed Al-Mahrooqi

Monday, August 18, 2008

ECO-Group rewarded by Al-Jamae Team

ECO-Group has been awarded a certificate of appreciation and a prize from Al-Jamae Team, Al-Bashaer Club in Adam. We would like to thank Al-Jamae Team`s administration and members for their appreciation and for their efforts to support the group's activities.


ECO-Group rewarded by Al-Jamae Team

in their closing ceremony of the summer activities.

The Environment Football Cup in the Press

Al-Watan Newspaper Monday 18th August, 2008.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Environment Cup, more pics

All Players

1- Global Warming Fighters got the Environment Cup and the Gold Medals.

2- Pollution Fighters got the Silver Medals.

3- Plastic Fighters got the Bronze Medals.

4- Rainforest Destruction Fighters got the Environment Prizes.

Environment Cup Pics

The Refree

Osama Al-Busaidi, The Best Player

Captain OF (Global Warming Fighters) holds the Environment Cup

Environment Cup, The Final Matach

The Football Environment Cup Final was between Global Warming Fighters & Plastic Fighters. It was a great match.
At the end of the match Mr. Yaqoob Salim Al-Busaidi, President of Al-Jamae Team, distributed the prizes & medals to all players.

Here are the final results:

1- Global Warming Fighters got the Environment Cup and the Gold Medals.
2-Pollution Fighters got the Silver Medals.
3- Plastic Fighters got the Bronze Medals.
4- Rainforest Destruction Fighters got the Environment Prizes.

The Best Player was Osama Al-Busaidi, and he got the Environment Cup for the best player.

Here are some pictures:

ECO-Group members

Our race in the media

Al-Watan Newspaper, Friday 15th August, 2008

Oman Newspaper, Friday 15th August, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Race pics 2

The Winners

Gifts to the youngest students (Grade 5)

A gift (ECO-Group t-shirt) to the parliament (Shura) representative member

Race pics



You should be proud of yourself

Well done

Our guests

Environmental Race

About 50 students participated in the environmental race organized by ECO Group & Al-Oroba Team in Adam and attended by the parliament (Shura) representative member in Adam, Mr. Nasser Bin Ali Al-Mahrooqi, Mr. Hamed Al-Busaidi from the ministry of the environment & climate affairs and many guests. It was a great race. We would like to thank Al-Oroba Team and all organizers for the great efforts to make the race a great success.

Here are some pictures:

Note: All pics were taken by T. Mahmoud Al-Kusaibi.

ECO-Group`s members distributing numbers to the students


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good News

Mr. Hamed Al-Rawahi, an English teacher from Al-Sharqya Region, and his students have joined our group.

Their activities and creative ideas will contribute to having such amazing work in our group.

So far the group's members are:

- Mr. Salim Al-Busaidi & Mr. Mahmoud Al-Waili ( English teachers at Osama Bin Zaid School)
- Students from Osama Bin Zaid School
- Mr. Hamed Ali Al-Mahrooqi (Adam town)
- Mr. Mahmoud Al-Kusaibi (Maths teacher at Adam School for Basic Education)
- Students from Adam School for Basic Education.
- Mr. Abdullah Al-Naebi (English teacher at Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Said Al-Abri School for Basic Education) and his students.
-Mr. Talal Ali Al-Busaidi (Librarian, Al-Dhafrat School for Basic Education, Al-Sharqya Region).
- Mr. Hamed Al-Rawahi (English teacher at Sheikh Said Bin Khalfan Al-Khalili School) and his students.

Thank you all.

Turkey pics 2

Sharing the same thoughts, To achieve one Aim.

The longest environmental petition in Turkey

The longest environmental petition was supposed to be present in iEARN annual conference in Uzbekistan (12th- 19th July, 2008), but due to some circumstances the conference was canceled. The Omani delegation visited Turkey for about five days, so it was a chance to collect some signatures there. Some Turkish people and tourists signed the petition.

(The Omani Delegation) Mr. Khalid Al- Siyabi, Director of Information System Department. Ministry of Education, signs the petition.

(The Omani Delegation) Mr. Said Al-Hashmi, Deputy Director General of Human Resource Development Department. Ministry of Education, writes his comments.

A Turkish hotel manager listening to further explanation from Mr. Issa Al-Anqoudi & Mr. Mahmoud Al-Waili about the petition..

A British university student participates in the petition.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pics about The longest environmental petition

The longest environmental petition launched by Mr. Yosef Al-Hosni the DG of Al-Dhakilya Education Directorate in the FOREST. ( Teachers` forum in Al-Dakhilya Region).

This is our mission

Teachers take part

Students take part