Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sheikh Said Bin Khalfan Al-Khalili School

Sheikh Said Bin Khalfan Al-Khalili School participated in ENo planting trees campaign.
2 teachers & 10 students were ivolved in this event. They planted 20 trees in the nearby villages and the planted trees were: 5 olive trees, 5 banana trees , 3 mango trees, 5 lime trees and 2 Palm trees.
More pics will be added by T. Hamed Al-Rawahi

The students could make a difference.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tree Planting Campaign Certificates

Recently, Osama Bin Zaid School & ECO Group have been awarded certificates of appreciation for the participation in ENO Tree Planting Campaign.

A visit to Kholof School

Last week ECO Group members visited Kholof School for Basic Education on in Mohoot (the east coast).
We had a meeting with the school administration and staff to launch a campaign to clean up the beach and make the people and students aware of protecting the environment especially from plastic.
Many thanks to:
Mr. Nasser Lehseni (Assistant Headmaster)
T. Mazin Al-Mahrooqi
T. Bader Al-Syabi
T. Dawood Al-Gulndani
T. Yahya Al-Jabri

We will be waiting for their great work to make Kholof Beach a wonderful place out of plastic and other trashes.

Salim Al-Busaidi

Here are some pics from Kholof and we will post more later on:

WHY to clean up the beach?!!!

Together we can make a difference

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Eid pics

The Group`s members all together

ECO Group`s members awarded by Sheikh Sultan Al-Mahrooqi President of Al-Bashaer Club

Pics about the play "Environment Friends"
The Environment Friends faught these three characters: Air pollution, water pollution & plastic

Environment Friends won at the end with the help of all children

Happy children

ECO Group celebrates Eid Al-Fiter

ECO Group celebrated Eid Al-Fiter by participating in Al-Bashaer club annual celebration. The Group's members participated as organizers and presenters. They distributed some gifts to the children. The group members also presented the first environmental play in Adam & Manah towns "Environment Friends" which was written by T. Salim Al-Busaidi, directed by T. Mahmoud Al-Kusaibi and performed by Hamed Al-Mahrooqi, Majdi Al-Mahrooqi, Muktar Al-Mahrooq, Majid Al-Asmi and Mohammed Al-Busaidi.
Two songs about the environment and a movie about ECO Group were presented in the celebration.
Here are some pics of the Eid celebration:


The longest Environmental Petition was present in the celebration

Awarding participants in the tree planting campaign

Mr. Saeed Hilal Al-Mahrooqi the headmaster at Osama Bin Zaid School awarderd the 8 winners and participants in the tree planting campaign.
Here are some pics.

Mr. Saeed thanking all participants

Hamed Al-Hashmi one of the winners