Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exhibition, more pics

Environmental Fine Arts Exhibition

Opening ceremony

Listening to further explanation

T. Ayman who has designed the exhibition

Al-Bashaer Club Professional players

Our guests

The environmental fine arts exhibition was opened by Mr. Hilal Al-Shaqsi, Director General of Al-Dakillia Directorate of Sport Affairs and Sheikh Sultan Al-Mahrooqi president of Al-Bashaer Club on 26th September, 2008. Many guests and students attended the opening ceremony.

This exhibition is the product of the environmental fine arts competition organized by ECO Group and Al-Bashaer Club between school students in Adam & Manah.
Students from 8 schools from Adam & Manah participated in the exhibition. They have used materials such as plastic, cds, batteries, bottles to make their wonderful works. The exhibition was designed by Teacher Ayman Khalil Ibrahim from Osama Bin Zaid School.

Exploiting and reusing such materials can help to save the environment.

افتتح هلال بن سعيد الشقصي مدير دائرة الشئون الرياضية بالمنطقة الداخلية المعرض البيئي الذي أقامه النادي بالتعاون مع مجموعة مساندي البيئة بين مدارس ولايتي أدم ومنح، وقد رافقه الشيخ سلطان بن محمد المحروقي رئيس نادي البشائر، وهذا المعرض هو نتاج المسابقة الفنية البيئية التي أقامها النادي بالتعاون مع مجموعة مساندي البيئة بين مدارس ولايتي أدم ومنح وتهدف إلى حث الطلاب على استخدام المواد التي تضر بالبيئة كالبلاستيك والعلب في الأعمال الفنية والذي بدوره يساهم في زيادة الوعي البيئي، وقد شارك العديد من الطلاب في المسابقة من ثماني مدارس مختلفة، وقد صمم المعرض الأستاذ أيمن خليل إبراهيم من مدرسة أسامة بن زيد للبنين

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Osama`s celebration in the press

Shabiba Newspaper. Tuesday 23rd September, 2008.
Here is the link:

Atika School Celebrates ENO Tree Planting Day

On the 22th of September 2008 we all gathered as a whole family to make our planet greener place. 21 students and 5 of Atika School English staff along with the headmistress and her assistant participated with the other 1500 schools from 120 countries to make our earth a better place. We all worked together to celebrate the planting day.
The celebration started two days ahead with giving different information about the importance of trees as source of life. Also, the classes were informed to bring plants with them to plant in the school garden.
The day of planting started as the students performed a play about our planet and later the headmistress talked about the importance of trees. One of the students gave a short speech regarding planting day. Then at the 12 pm, the students with the staff gathered to plant 25 mangoes trees. Hands together, , we used shovels to dig the moist soil and together we planted each tree. After planting the trees we watered them so these plants can grow up to be fruitful trees. It was so amazing to see how we all cooperated; teachers and students. We were all happy to be part of a great event as that. At the end we took a photo for all of us to remember this day for ever. We hope next year we will be part of it and we enrich our planet with more trees.
Atika School

ECO Group Celebrates ENO Tree Planting Day

ECO-Group at Osama Bin Zaid School, Adam in Oman celebrated ENO Tree Planting Day on Monday 22nd September, 2008. The ceremony started with a recitation of the Holy Quran. Then, two students gave more information about the importance of trees and environment in Islam. The speech of the occasion was read by a student, and then another student translated it into Arabic. After that, the headmaster, the headmaster assistant, teachers and students planted some trees around the school. Others trees were distributed to the teachers and students in order to be planted at home, farms or any suitable places. The trees were date palms, papaya and Rol, and the total number of planted trees was 121.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ENO Tree Planting Day
اليوم العالمي لزراعة الأشجار – منظمة إينو
خطبة للمناسبة
Translated by: T. Salim Al-Busaidi
ECO-Group - Oman

We only have one planet. If each of us took good care for their environment we would have less problems.
لدينا عالم واحد، واذا قام كل واحد منا بالاهتمام الجيد بالبيئة سنقلل من مشاكل هذا العالم

Now it is a time for action. We do this special deed together with our peers around the world. We plant trees today with our friends in the North, South, East and West. The first trees were planted today on Tonga islands, Oceania. Then, following the Sun, trees are planted in Asia, Europe and Africa. The last trees will be put to Earth in the North and South America and very last of them on Hawaii and Samoa islands. Planet Earth has rotated on its axis and new tree babies have started to grow.
وقد حان الآن وقت العمل الذي نشترك في انجازه مع جميع أصدقائنا حول العالم، ففي هذا اليوم نقوم بزراعة الأشجار مع أصدقائنا في الشمال والجنوب وفي الشرق والغرب. وستكون بدايتنا لزراعة الأشجار اليوم من جزر تونجا في أوقيانوسيا، ومن ثم سنتبع الشمس لنقوم بزراعة الأشجار في كل من آسيا وأوروبا وأفريقيا، وستكون آخر محطاتنا في أمريكيا الشمالية وأمريكيا الجنوبية وفي هاواي وجزر ساموا، فاليوم بدأنا بزراعة كوكب الأرض بشكل تدريجي في مختلف محاوره، والكثير من الأشجار الصغيرة بدأت في النمو.
We are a one big family today. Teachers and students at about 1 500 schools in 120 countries are planting trees with us. Can you imagine, about 300 000 trees will be planted around the day? If schools can plant this number of trees a day how is with the others? We are showing our example to our community and country and hope to get this message through. Our planet has no passengers, we all are the crew.

نحن عائلة واحدة في هذا اليوم، فالمعلمون والطلاب فيما يقارب 1500 مدرسة في 120 دولة يقومون بزراعة الأشجار معنا، هل يمكنكم أن تتخيلوا أن حوالي 300,000 شجرة ستتم زراعتها اليوم؟
إذا استطاعت المدارس زراعة هذا العدد من الأشجار في يوم واحد، ألا يستطيع الآخرون أن يحذوا حذوهم؟ نحن بعملنا هذا نعطي مثالا لمجتمعاتنا ودولنا ونتمنى أن تصلهم رسالتنا، فنحن – لا غير- من يحدد مصير كوكبنا.

Our tree reminds us of nature and the importance of the environment. It is also a symbol of peace and caring. There is an English proverb that says "He who plants a tree loves others beside himself." Let's grow together with our trees for a better world!

أشجارنا تذكرنا بطبيعتنا وبأهمية بيئتنا، وهي أيضا رمز للسلام والاهتمام، وهناك مثل انجليزي يقول: " من يزرع شجرة يحب الآخرين كما يحب نفسه". فهيا معا نزرع أشجارنا من أجل عالم أفضل.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Sati Al-Gunaibi ( Grade 12) reading the announcement to the teachers & students, Osam Bin Zaid School. Adam

ECO Group invites you to take part in ENO Planting Trees Campaign

1- Each participant should register with the organizers.
2- He or she should plant one tree at least at home, school or any suitable place. More trees will be recommended.
3- After planting the trees, the participant informs the organizers about the number of trees he or she has planted and brings a picture (if possible) by 22/9/2008.
4- Some gifts will be distributed to the participants.
5- ECO-Group will write a report about the event to ENO TREE PLANTING CAMPAIGN and post it in iEARN forums.
6- More details and pics about our event will be posted here.
يسر مجموعة مساندي البيئة

(ECO Group)

دعوتكم للمشاركة في حملة زراعة الأشجار بمناسبة اليوم العالمي لزراعة الأشجار والذي يوافق

الاثنين 22/9/2008م. .

يقوم المشارك بتسجيل اسمه ضمن المشاركين في الحملة مع المنظمين -1
2- يتعهد المشارك بزراعة شجرة واحدة (على الأقل) في بيته أو مزرعته أو أي مكان يراه مناسبا ويمكن له زراعة أكثر من شجرة حسب إمكانياته.
بعد زراعة الأشجار يقوم المشارك بإعلام المنظمين بعدد الأشجار التي زرعها -3 .
يفضل أن يقوم الطالب بإحضار صورة له وهو يزرع الشجرة -4 .
5- يجب أن يقوم المشارك بإعلام اللجنة المنظمة بعدد الأشجار التي زرعها في مدة أقصاها الاثنين 22/9/2008م.
6- ستقوم مجموعة مساندي البيئة بعمل تقرير عن الحملة في الموقع الالكتروني لمنظمة ENO البيئية العالمية وفي موقع منظمة iEARN الأمريكية مع نشر بعض الصور للمشاركين.
7- كما ستقوم المجموعة بنشر صور المشاركين وأسمائهم في موقع المجموعة
8- ستكون هناك جوائز تشجيعية للمشاركين وتجرى بالقرعة.

فساهم معنا لنجعل عالمنا أخضرا وخاليا من التلوث

An invitation to join ENO Tree Planting Day 2008

Hello all,
An email has been forwarded to our group about (An invitation to join ENO Tree Planting Day 2008)
Hope some of you have a chance to take part in this event.
We have invited students & teachers in Osama Bin Zaid School & Adam School for Basic Education to take part in this project. Some prizes are waiting for the participants.
More details about our campaign will be posted soon.

Don`t miss that.

Here is the invitation:

Dear school,
We wish your warmly welcome to join ENO Tree Planting Day 2008! We plant trees at noon in different parts of world, last year in over 100 countries. Please find more information on the web:
Remember to register to event soon, latest by 15 SEP. Here is a straight link:

warm regards,
Mika Vanhanen,
coordinator ENO-Environment Online