Sunday, August 10, 2008

The longest environmental petition in Turkey

The longest environmental petition was supposed to be present in iEARN annual conference in Uzbekistan (12th- 19th July, 2008), but due to some circumstances the conference was canceled. The Omani delegation visited Turkey for about five days, so it was a chance to collect some signatures there. Some Turkish people and tourists signed the petition.

(The Omani Delegation) Mr. Khalid Al- Siyabi, Director of Information System Department. Ministry of Education, signs the petition.

(The Omani Delegation) Mr. Said Al-Hashmi, Deputy Director General of Human Resource Development Department. Ministry of Education, writes his comments.

A Turkish hotel manager listening to further explanation from Mr. Issa Al-Anqoudi & Mr. Mahmoud Al-Waili about the petition..

A British university student participates in the petition.

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a said...


how r u Salim?? u just brought back the nice moments,, it is a shame that i couldn't sign it,, but u got to do something to bring the petition to al batinah north because i think omani people must be aware of these things it is our environmnet at the end,, all of us,, good luck my friend and wish u all luck