Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good News

Mr. Hamed Al-Rawahi, an English teacher from Al-Sharqya Region, and his students have joined our group.

Their activities and creative ideas will contribute to having such amazing work in our group.

So far the group's members are:

- Mr. Salim Al-Busaidi & Mr. Mahmoud Al-Waili ( English teachers at Osama Bin Zaid School)
- Students from Osama Bin Zaid School
- Mr. Hamed Ali Al-Mahrooqi (Adam town)
- Mr. Mahmoud Al-Kusaibi (Maths teacher at Adam School for Basic Education)
- Students from Adam School for Basic Education.
- Mr. Abdullah Al-Naebi (English teacher at Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Said Al-Abri School for Basic Education) and his students.
-Mr. Talal Ali Al-Busaidi (Librarian, Al-Dhafrat School for Basic Education, Al-Sharqya Region).
- Mr. Hamed Al-Rawahi (English teacher at Sheikh Said Bin Khalfan Al-Khalili School) and his students.

Thank you all.

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