Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best Group Blog

Hello all, Our environmental group' blog (ECO group) has been nominated as the best group blog. So, we appreciate your voting for our group here:

انقر على الرابط السابق لترشيح مدونتنا كأفضل مدونة لمجموعة
ستجد اسم المجموعة
ECO group
وانقر على المربع ومن ثم انقر على كلمة

We appreciate your help

Thank you


Gordon Nyabade,Kenya said...

This is a great and wonderful environmental group in Oman.I strongly believe that our world can become green beautiful in its entirety if we can start such an environmental group in every country and make our world green.Weldne Oman!
Warmly,Gordon Nyabade

Salim Al-Busaidi said...

Thank you dear Gordon for your comment. Yes you are right, if we work together to save our environment we can make a difference.

Salim Al-Busaidi